Our concept

Our philosophy 

At Nanban we take immense pride in bringing you an authentic taste of Japan with our handcrafted ramen and beyond. Our commitment to quality and flavor is reflected in the fact that every item on our menu is lovingly homemade, ensuring a dining experience that's as comforting as it is delicious.

From starters to desserts, our promise is simple — no compromises on quality, only a dedication to freshness and homemade excellence. 

The Bar

At Nanban, we have created an authentic Japanese style bar, where you can interact directly with the chef and see your ramen being crafted.

Homemade Broths

Our broths are all homemade and simmered to perfection, capturing the essence of each ingredient used. From the warmth of tonkotsu to the savory depths of shiitake, each broth tells a story of tradition and careful preparation.  

Noodles Crafted with Precision

Our noodles are a work of art, meticulously crafted with Japanese flour and real Kansui to achieve the ideal texture and taste. The result? A delightful slurp that transports you to the sublime essence of a gourmet tasting experience. 

Have a seat and enjoy!