Frequently Asked Questions

Our Ramen

Where are your noodles coming from?

Noodles and gyoza skin, are freshly crafted at Nanban bar. Don't hesitate to check our noodle machine on the basement of the restaurant.

Where is the broth coming from ?

Our broths are authentic Japanese receipts and100% homemade...with of course a little touch of Nanban.

Ramen Kit orders (coming soon)

What is a Nanban Ramen Kit? 

A Nanban Ramen kit, it is a little pretty box composed with fresh noodles, toppings and broth all vacuum packed that you can take with you and cook at home at your convenience. 

Where can I find the Ramen Kit ?

You can order them directly at the restaurant or by mail at

Can I personalize a Ramen kit with my favorite ingredients and quantities?

Yes you can personalize a Ramen Kit and you can even bring your own plates (earth will say "thank you").  Special orders (birthdays, private parties, etc..) need to be placed at least 36h in advance by email at

Can I cancel or change my order ?

Yes…but you will regret it as you might be replacing it by a less fancy meal...

And as already explained, we work only with fresh ingredients and to avoid wasting, your order need to be cancelled 24h in advance (if it is a specific order). 

Our Restaurant

Are Kids welcome?

Everyone is more than welcome at Nanban!

....and we can adapt our plates even to the most difficult of them.

Why are you sometimes out of stock ?

We work with 100% fresh ingredients and try to avoid as much as possible any wasting so our orders are placed on an average amount of clients per day…and sometimes we have more clients than expected.

What does Nanban mean? 

The term "Nanban" literally translates to "southern barbarian," and it has historical roots in the contact between Japan and the Portuguese traders and missionaries who arrived in the southern part of Japan during the Age of Exploration.

In the context of Japanese cuisine, "Nanban" refers to a cooking style that incorporates foreign or Western ingredients and flavors. 

While "Nanban" originally had connotations of foreignness, in the culinary sense, it has become a unique and well-loved style within Japanese cuisine, showcasing the country's ability to adapt and incorporate diverse influences into its culinary traditions.

We suppose that now you are wondering "why Nanban"? Well, long story short, you have probably guessed that our Ramen chef is Portuguese and our Ramen are crafted according to Japanese tradition and colored with a taste of Nanban inspirations.